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Fresh Carrots: Get Your Dose Of Vitamins And Nutrients!

Posted by Admin on August, 30, 2021

Carrots are crunchy, delicious roots that come in a variety of colours in the shade of red. This gift of nature is packed with rich nutrients, fibre, and simple sugars such as glucose and sucrose.

You can buy the best quality carrots from your local organic fresh carrot suppliers. However, during your purchase note the shape, colour, and overall texture of the carrots. These small details can tell you the difference between a fresh carrot or a rotten one.

Before you find the variety of ways you can consume this yummy root. Let’s dive into the numerous health benefits fresh carrots provide to our bodies.

Why should we consume fresh carrots?

The health benefits of this crunchy root are numerous. Listed below are 5 major benefits of consuming fresh carrots.

Say no to constipation

Fresh Carrots are rich in fibre and non-digestible carbs like cellulose, lignin, and hemicellulose. These carbs and fibres help the body to have a better bowel movement. This is an excellent way to keep your bowel movements regular and irritation-free.

Most individuals consume medicines to ensure a regular and smooth bowel movement. However, the consumption of carrots will allow you to maintain it without the help of chemicals and medicines!

Give your beautiful eyes the care it deserves

Deficiency of vitamin A is associated with night blindness. However, the good news is that fresh carrots are a rich source of vitamin A! Carrots contain rich amounts of carotene B which is later converted into Vitamin A by the body. Consumption of carotene-rich food items such as carrots is associated with improved eye health.

Keep your blood sugar levels in control

Fresh carrots are associated with lowering blood sugar levels. This is associated with a complex biological process on the consumption of carrots. Due to this property of fresh carrots. Diabetes-prone individuals are advised to consume fresh uncooked carrots.

Carrots are also associated with improved heart health as they can lower blood cholesterol levels.

Lower the risk of cancer

Many scientific studies have revealed that carotenoids have properties that can protect the body against certain types of cancers. Breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer are listed under the studies.

Fresh carrots are rich in carotenoids. Therefore, consuming them can help you lower the risk of cancer.

Encourage your body to lose weight

If you often find yourself struggling with your weight loss diet. You should certainly consider adding carrots! Carrots are a low-calorie fibre rich food that allows the consumer to feel full and it is associated with reduced fat gain. Carrots are rich in carbs and have low levels of fats and protein.

Note: Carrots are often associated with pollen-related allergic reactions. Therefore it is best to consult a doctor if allergic reactions are noticed upon consumption.

Why do people prefer organic carrots over non-organic carrots?

Although, organic carrots are more expensive. Most people consume it over non-organic carrots due to heavy metal and chemical contamination. Organic carrots are grown through natural processes whereas non-organic carrots may be grown using chemical fertilizers.

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